Measureing User Behavior to Improve Your Product & Marketing Efforts

  • Understand individual user journey
  • Better calculate customer retention
  • Segment users having similar attributes
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How much do you know about your user behavior?

Do you know how users interact with your product and where they are in the funnel?

Most Startups and SaaS companies focus on marketing and releasing new product updates, and not enough on knowing how their product is being used and what types of campaings bring the best users.  

mixpanel funnel

The above image is captured from Mixpanel that shows how users go thorugh a specific purchase funnel.

We help you improve your products and marketing efforts using a data driven strategy. Real time data, when used properly, can help you answer pressing questions like:

  • What marketing channels drive the best users?
  • Who are the most returning users and what brings them back to my app?
  • Where do users drop off in the converion funnel?
  • Who are my best users?

Answers to the above questions can help you create a data driven marketing plan to drive, engage, and convert the best users. Want to learn more about how we can work together to grow your business? We'd love to hear from you!

What our clients say about us 

Jed Wexler

Hussain at MarketLytics is a Google Analytics + Kissmetrics wizard, doing content tracking and conversion performance. NASA-level implementation in his sleep. Also a key reason we can confidently say, “user acquisition using content.”

Jed Wexler – CEO 818 Agency

Hussain has been a great partner and resource over the years.  

I've worked with him extensively on a variety of analytical initiatives such as building custom dashboards, creating custom reports, and setting up goals/events to support A/B testing.  

If it can be tracked, Hussain can make it happen and I recommend him to anyone looking for analytics support.

David Lussky - Senior Project Manager - Ninthiink

david lussky
Manual Da Costa

Hussain is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to web analytics. His technical skills helps a lot when it comes to complex implementations. I have worked with him closely and he has been a great help. Without a doubt, I would recommend him.  

Manual Da Costa - Founder - Effective Experiments

Attributing the traffic to right source in Mixpanel

A client wanted to attribute traffic to the right souce using Mixpanel. Since this is a feature that isn't provided, we had to use our own traffic library to store all the parameters that come along with the URL. 

We then built a custom attribution model to blend all the attributes of traffic, UTMs, referrers, internal promotion parameters into a consistent set of properties. This made sure the team was not looking up multiple properties and always had a single source of truth for attribution. 

GTM lookup table

Apart from the custom attribution modeling, we also helped the client understand the purchase behaviour of his customers, with an in-depth Mixpanel implementation via Google Tag Manager. 

Startups we have worked with


Our four step analytics process

select tool

Select the best platform for your application  

Our first step is to understand your business and choose the right tool that would best fit your application.  

create plan

Create a measurement plan

Once we select the tool, we focus on creating a measurement plan that will help you measure the right things to improve your business performance  


Implementing the tool

We then work closely with your team to implement the tool to acheive the desired results. 

training team

Train your team to use the tools and understand data  

Our final step is to help you and your team use the analytics tool and read data that dipict actions.  

Are you measuring the data that would help your product grow?

It's never too late to get in touch with someone who already has helped dozens of companies grow with the right data. Hit us up today to discuss about your product, helping you figure out the best analytics tool and acheive business goals.